99: Gretzky: His Game, His Story

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99 : Gretzky - his game, his story

Veteran sports journalist Al Strachan has enjoyed an extremely close friendship with Gretzky for well over 25 years, and during this time Strachan has reported on every aspect of his professional career. The two have spent thousands of hours talking about the game and such details as Wayne's move to L. Their close friendship has offered each man the opportunity to discuss the game that they both love, and in this book Strachan takes readers on a most remarkable journey and details the life of Wayne Gretzky like it has never been told.

He lives in St.

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  • 99 Gretzky His Game His Story.

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Life and Times of Wayne Gretzky

Once he settled in, Gretzky enjoyed New York. He lived in an apartment at Madison Avenue and 63rd Street, within easy reach of the best that Manhattan has to offer—the fine restaurants, the theatres, the museums and all the other attractions. The booth was hidden from street view, and usually he was able to eat without being disturbed.


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