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The Silver Rabbit breed is an ancient breed of rabbit of which their origins are not too well known. They are a small to medium sized rabbit breed that are full of energy and fun.

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They make great pets and are good for exhibition although they are quite a rare breed to come by these days. For a slicker more glossy or shiny pelt, it is advisable to groom them every two to three weeks. During the molting season, it is advisable to groom rabbits every week to remove stray hairs. Rabbits can be quite lively and energetic and need quite a bit of exercise and stimulation.

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It is a good idea to have a nice safe and secure run for them to play in and stretch their legs. Toys, tubes and various obstacle courses for them is a good way to help them expend some of their energy and they are really fun to watch at play. Regular health and critter check once a week or every second week should become a habit. This will help to keep your rabbit s in excellent condition and health.

Grooming does not require a lot if their coats are low maintenance.

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But it is a good idea to give them a nice gentle brushing to help remove any excess hairs regardless of the length of their coats. It is also a good idea to check on the state of their teeth to ensure that they are not too long and causing the rabbit any discomfort. Rabbits teeth never stop growing and getting fresh hay on a regular basis helps to control the growth of their teeth.


Rabbits need a good diet of quality pellets that are filled with their daily nutritional requirements. They do love dandelions, cabbage and various fruits as a nice tasty treat.

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Rabbits that have quite a short coat are not really at risk for most of the digestive problems long fur seem to cause rabbits. They can still get other ailments such as flystrike, ear mites or overgrown teeth.

follow If you have two rabbits and do not want to breed them it is possible to spay female rabbits and neuter male rabbits. The females can be spayed as young as four months old, but vets prefer to wait until they are at least six months old before doing so.

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Some of these imports were kept in walled gardens. Being totally safe from wild predators and under the control and selection of man, many mutations or sports cropped up.

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Some gardens could have been stocked with these various sports from the original imports. Being diggers many rabbits escaped from these gardens into the countryside and flourished.

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This was probably the case in Lincolnshire where a greyish black rabbit with white hairs made its appearance. These rabbits were called Lincolnshire Millers or Sprigs by the locals, and were greatly sort out and prized by the poachers, furriers, and farmers of the time.